How to Buy Bitcoin, USDT, and Other Cryptocurrencies

How to Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card

If you are wondering how to buy Bitcoin or USDT and other cryptocurrency? Look no further! With Pay Exchanger, you can easily and securely purchase Bitcoin using your credit or debit card. We accept both Visa and Master card for cryptocurrency purchase. It's the simplest and fastest way to start your crypto journey, and it only takes three simple steps:

  • First in the ‘Give’ column choose Visa/Master Card, in the ‘Receive’ column choose Bitcoin and specify the amount you want to exchange or receive.
  • Login to your Pay Exchanger Account and complete quick automatic verification, enter your Bitcoin wallet
  • Click the ‘Start Exchange’ button, Complete the payment and receive your Bitcoin (BTC).

And that's it! Pay Exchanger makes buying Bitcoin a breeze, without lowest commissions. Start buying Crypto.

Korzyści z naszych usług

  • Licensed

    Pay Exchanger is Authorized as Virtual Assets Service Provider (VASP)
  • Low commissions

    Maximize Your Crypto Purchases with Our Lowest Possible Fees
  • Fast Exchange

    Receive your crypto quickly, after you complete the payment.
  • Gwarancja

    Mamy 100% gwarancja transakcji. Rzetelność naszego serwisu potwierdzają liczne recenzje!
  • Quick Verification

    We use automatic system to process your identity verification, your account will be ready in minutes.
  • Wsparcie

    Nasz zespół wsparcia jest zawsze gotowy! Odpowiedz na pytania techniczne.


  • Tron

    106452.5009 TRX

  • SEPA Transfer

    51107 EUR

  • Bank Transfer

    50000 TL

  • Visa/MasterCard

    14893.14 EUR

  • Visa/MasterCard

    13371.46 USD

  • Payeer

    10701.7 USD

  • Tether

    10000 USDT

  • USD Coin TRC20

    9895.73 USDC

  • Tether TRC20

    4373.64 USDT

  • Advcash

    3030 USD

  • Litecoin

    405.34558909 LTC

  • Binance Coin

    51 BNB

  • BinanceCoin

    50 BNB BEP20

  • Ethereum (BEP20)

    44 ETH

  • Ethereum

    31.83407335 ETH

  • Bitcoin

    0.90661361 BTC