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Multiple Gateways to Pay with Credit Card

Buying cryptocurrency with a credit card or debit card is the most convenient way for crypto users. However, due to security and several other factors, sometimes your bank card might not work with our one banking partner but could potentially work with our other banking partner. We have multiple credit card payment gateways for our users to pay when buying crypto, so if one doesn't work, feel free to try another.

1- Visa/MasterCard:

The first option you will see in the calculator is Visa/Mastercard, and you can try to buy cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, ETH, Litecoin, USDT, etc. If you are unable to pay and your payment status is canceled, you can cancel this order and make a new order and try to pay with other options.

2- MasterCard Global by ZEN:

If you wish, you can even select Mastercard Global for your first order or if you are unable to pay with Visa/Mastercard, then you can try to pay with Mastercard Global powered by ZEN.

3- Visa/Mastercard by Simplex:

In the exchange calculator, you will see another option Visa/Mastercard with an S logo. If the first and second choices do not work for you, you can try to pay with this option.

So one of these options will definitely work. Once you have found the perfect gateway which works well for you to buy crypto, you can directly use that in the future.

What if all options don't work?

1- We are here to help. If the Visa/Mastercard first option doesn't work, please contact us to whitelist your card.

2- If Mastercard Global doesn't work, then you will get a transaction ID on the ZEN checkout page. Contact [email protected] with that transaction ID and explain the problem; they will whitelist your card.

3- If Visa/Mastercard by Simplex doesn't work, then on the checkout page, you can see live chat to help you. Please contact them, and they will help you to fix the problem.


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