Reviews Policy

Pay Exchanger Reviews Policy

Users are subjected to follow our reviews policy before leaving review/feedback on Facebook, Google, BestChange, OKchanger or any other community form, website or social media network.

  1. You can only submit review if you are a user of Pay Exchanger and have at least 1 order (In Pending, Inprogress or completed Status)
  2. User with New or Cancelled status order are not allowed to submit review, if they have any problem contact support and we will help you within 24 to 72 hours
  3. We will not process your order, if we found any user hurting Pay Exchanger reputation with negative review without solid reason or without contacting us for to resolve problem.
  4. User are strictly advised to contact support first if there is some problem instead of posting negative review, you can post negative review if we don’t offer a fair solution or not willing to solve your problem.
  5. Wait for final response from support at least within 24-72 hours before you leave a negative review.
  6. We reserve the right to terminate your account, hold your money or file a legal case against you for hurting Pay Exchanger (Registered Firm by Law under name Pay Medium, Inc.) reputation in negative ways without a solid reason or before contacting us for solution

Better late than never

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