Hall of Fame

For reporting bugs and security issues to make Pay Exchanger secure, we would like to thank the following amazing people. If you are a security researcher and would like to contribute and help us by reporting bugs and security issues, your name will be listed in this list.

  1. Hamza Zulfiqar Bhatti from Pakistan
  2. Swapnil A. Thaware from India
  3. Mickey Hex from Iraq
  4. Pratyush Anjan Sarangi from India
  5. Alec Blance from Philippines
  6. Zeeshan From Pakistan
  7. Shawar Khan From Pakistan
  8. Mansoor Gilal from Pakistan
  9. Fish Getachew from Ethiopia
  10. Ali Tabish from Pakistan
  11. Konduru Jashwanth @Cigniti from India
  12. Tayyab Qadir from Pakistan
  13. Arbin Godar from Nepal
  14. Djoukhrab Djaber from Algeria
  15. ESec Haxor From Mumbai, Maharashtra
  16. Md Sameull Soykot from Bangladesh