Why Phone Support Temporarily Unavailable 

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Why Phone Support Temporarily Unavailable 

Category : e-Currency Exchange

Dear User,

We temporarily removed phone No from website due to several reasons. Currently due to nature of business our focus is on Chat and Emails as users can explain better in written and 90% we just need to tell them to contact on live chat or email us. So it increase our work load.

User normally give a call to inform like they just submitted order, they sent a payment, they replied with information but there is nothing we can do over phone. We are already get notification when a user do anything, so why calls to increase work load ?

One other main reason is that our current phone is a normal phone no and one person can not handle calls. So we will soon get a UAN with multi lines to improve phone support. Until you can contact live chat (When available) , Submit a support ticket or send us an email.


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Exchange Payeer to AdvCash Account (USD)

Category : e-Currency Exchange

One more addition to our service, Now you can Exchange between Payeer and AdvCash E-Wallets. If you have money in Payeer and want to send in your AdvCash account, we will makes this possible for our clients at very low fee cost, minimum time and hassle free processing. There are barely any E-Money exchangers online that are as reliable, fast and secure as PayExchanger. Without any labor and having a second thought you can trustfully Exchange Payeer to AdvCash using our downright safe and reliable exchange services.


How to Transfer Money From Payeer to AdvCash:

You need to follow some simple instructions to Exchange your funds from Payeer to AdvCash by using PayExchanger services and place an exchange order.

  1. Create Account and Click on Exchange from the navigation Tab. In Exchange menu, enter Amount which you want to exchange, Select Currency, Payeer (You send) To AdvCash (You receive). You will see all rates Calculated below.
  2. Fill the form, Enter your Payeer account (Starts with P–), AdvCash Account (E-mail address) and You can also include message if you wish.
  3. Final step, transfer the money to our Payeer account on a semi automated page for payment, follow instructions and you are done. Now hold tight, its our turn to complete your order within mentioned time.

Note: You will transfer the money to our provided Payeer account and after confirmation we will send funds to your Advcash account.

Payeer to AdvCash Exchange FAQ

Q: What is minimum amount to transfer from Payeer to AdvCash ?

A: Minimum amount to exchange from Payeer to AdvCash is 10$.

Q: How much time it will take to get me payment in AdvCash?

A: It may take 15 minutes to 8 hours after you transfer funds to our Payeer account.

Q: What is fee to transfer Payeer to AdvCash using Pay Exchanger ?

A: Click here to view our rates and fee.

Q: Do we need to have verified Accounts ?

A: For this exchange direction, we do not have any kind of verification requirement.

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Transfer Bitcoin to WebMoney Free

Yes, you read it right. Now you can send money from Bitcoin (BTC) to WebMoney (WMZ) free for limited time using Pay Exchanger. So, you can easily Exchange funds from Bitcoin to WebMoney using our secure exchange services.

How to convert Bitcoin to WebMoney (WMZ):

You need to follow few simple directives to submit order for Bitcoin to WebMoney conversion using our services. If you don’t have an account already please create first (It will hardly take a mint).

  1. Click on Exchange from the menu, Enter Amount which you want to exchange and Select Currency as Bitcoin (You send) To WebMoney (You receive).
  2. Now You will see your order details and a form to fill. Enter your Bitcoin Wallet (A set of random numbers/Alphabets), Webmoney Purse (Starts with Z).
  3. All done, now submit order and you will redirected on payment page. Transfer amount from your Bitcoin Wallet to our provided Wallet (Send exact amount as per your order)


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OneCoin is Scam or Real ? Difference Between Bitcoin and OneCoin

Category : e-Currency Exchange

OneCoin (Also known as OneLife) is a fraudulent investment program which claim to be a cryptocurrency like bitcoin, but its note true. OneLife or OneCoin is a pure Ponzi scheme with Multi-level marketing module.

Different Between OneCoin and Bitcoin ?

Onecoin is a future SCAM whereas Bitcoin is REAL decentralised cryptocurrency and many people think its a future of payments. Its one the most growing and papular cryptocurrency

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Exchange Bitcoin to WebMoney

Category : e-Currency Exchange

We are glad to announce new addition in our Exchange service by which you can transfer Bitcoin to WebMoney (WMZ) easily. Bitcoin is a Crypto-currency and WebMoney is used as an E-Wallet to send and receive money worldwide with instant online transactions. None of these two can be converted or exchanged to other officially by payment processors. PayExchanger offers this service to its clients with ease at best rates and minimum processing time.

How to Transfer Money From Bitcoin to WebMoney:

To buy WebMoney with Bitcoin you will have to follow these instructions.

  1. Click on Exchange from the navigation. Now enter the amount in Exchange form which you want to exchange, Select Currency, Bitcoin (You send) To WebMoney (You receive). You Will see all rates calculated below.
  2. Fill the form, Enter your Bitcoin wallet address (Set of random numbers), Webmoney Purse (Starts with Z) and you can also include message for any required assistance or information.
  3. Final step is to transfer the money to our Bitcoin wallet address account, follow instructions and your job is done.Now its our turn to complete your order within mentioned time.

Note:You will have to transfer the money to our provided Bitcoin wallet address first and after confirmation we will send funds to your WebMoney account.

Bitcoin to WebMoney Exchange FAQ

Q: What is the minimum amount to transfer from bitcoin to WebMoney ?

A: Minimum amount to exchange funds from Bitcoin to WebMoney is 10$ (equal to Bitcoin).

Q: How much time it will take to get my funds in Webmoney ?

A: Normally it can take 15 minutes to 8 hours after you transfer funds to our Bitcoin wallet address. For Big orders we can process order in few mints and if possible can also provide discount. See current rates.

Q: What bitcoin rate Pay Exchanger Follow ?

A: We accept Blockchain rate (value at the time of payment)

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I got my $700 delivered to me in my bank account in one day only. Great Service! Rais you are very cooperative indeed. Thanks and I will surely use this service again.

Shafaq Hafeez

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