• In how much time my Order will be completed ?

    • Its depends on current pending orders, mostly order take about 1 to 24 hours and sometime just few mints (In some cases may take 24+ hours).
      On Saturday and Sunday orders take little longer in processing.
    • How can I Trust You?

    • Well hundreds of live and verifiable reviews from our client on our Facebook Fan Page and Clients Testimonial on our Website speak the truth. Click here to read our detailed Answer
    • Is this kind of Service Secure and Legal?

    • Yes our service is fully legal and secure, we are dealing with Banking partners and with online payment processors as a facilitator only. Both banks and payment processors are legally registered and authorized. Pay Exchanger do not offer or issue its own virtual electronic currency, financial or transfer service.
    • Do you offer service worldwide ?

    • Yes, you can use our service from all countries but bank transfer is not supported for all countries.
    • Pay Exchanger affiliate with any Individual Person or Websites like Hyip, Clicking etc. ?

    • No, we are not affiliate or linked with any kind of website or individual person, we just offer exchange, withdraw or deposit service for legal payment processor companies.
    • How will we save you money?

    • We do not charge high fee as compare to other exchangers or payment processors for Exchange, withdraw or deposit service.
      Without waiting long time and paying high cost, you can convert your digital money (E-currency) from one payment processor to other
    • Special Requirement For Payoneer Exchange?

    • In order to use our service for Payoneer you must already had received at least $100 from any Company like Fiverr, Odesk or via Payoneer US payment service in past. If you want to buy funds in Payoneer or want to exchange from any other e-currency to Payoneer like Bitcoin to Payoneer or Perfect Money to Payoneer etc. minimum amount is $100 due to limited allowed transaction per month.
    • Why not just use a bank?

    • That's an easy answer: If you use only bank it will cost you more money, will take a lot more time in processing and complicated process.
      And sometime may require you to physically visit to get the service.
      So Pay Exchanger can solve this for you, we will take all the headache to provide you service. Let us deal with banks and other payment processors for you at low cost.
    • Which payment processors are supported on Payexchanger ?

    • At the moment we are dealing in Perfect Money, WebMoney, Payza, PayPal, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), Payeer, AdvCash, OKPay, Skrill, Neteller and Payoneer Only.
    • How do I open an account with you? How long will it take?

    • Creating account is easy, when you submit exchange, buy or sell order we send you automatically generated password, so you can login with your Email and Password.
      Optionally you can also register with your Email and it will take just few seconds.
    • What is the minimum amount for Exchange?

    • You can exchange minimum $10 not less.
    • Exchange Orders are Processed automatically or manually ?

    • Receiving late is batter then never receiving, agree ?.
      So for security reason all orders are processed manually by our staff.
    • How does the Exchange process work?

    • Exchange process have 3 easy steps, first fill the exchange form, second give us your information and e-currency details which you want to send and which you want to receive, at last Transfer payment to us manually.
      Now its our turn to verify your order and transfer you funds in required payment processor account, for more details visit http://www.payexchanger.com/pe/how-to-exchange-e-currency/
    • Do you Exchange PayPal to any Other e-Currency ?

    • Sorry we do not accept PayPal payments for exchange to any other e-currecny like Perfect Money, Bitcoin etc.
      We do receive many emails daily about this, so please note, we do not accept paypal for any conditions, although client from Pakistan only who have minimum $100 in PayPal can contact us via Email only.
    • Can I sell or Withdraw PayPal?

    • You can sell or withdraw PayPal using our service only if you are from Pakistan and have verified account with minimum $100 funds.
      We do not offer PayPal withdraw service for clients other then Pakistan.
      You can also withdraw funds from different websites or companies to direct in our PayPal, if you don't have PayPal account.
    • Can I buy or Deposit to PayPal?

    • Yes you can buy funds in your PayPal account using our service from Pakistan and many other coutnries.
      You can also deposit moeny to your PayPal account via Bank transfer from Pakistan and via Western Union or e-currencies from other countries.
    • Can I get Refund or cancel Transaction ?

    • Pay Exchanger reserve the right to accept refund or cancellation or not. For refund, you must first need to contact us, so you can only refund, if we allow you.
      Minimum Fee for refund is $1+5% (minimum $5)
    • What is Pay For Me Service ?

    • It means if you don't have PayPal or Credit Card, we can pay for you online and you can pay us via any other local payment option.
      For more details read details on http://www.payexchanger.com/pe/pay-for-me-service/
    • How do I open an account with you? How long will it take?

    • You can create account within in just minutes.