Affiliate Program and Cumulative Discount System

PayExchanger Exchanger Benefits

PayExchanger is the most straightforward and precise of all exchangers because we always show our clients currency values which are as accurate as possible. No hidden charges, all the fees of any other payment systems already factored in. For example, if you tell us to take 100 dollars, it means that, when it comes down to payment, the system will ask for exactly 100 dollars (some payment systems will show a smaller amount but then add the commission and you will still end up being charged 100 dollars) and not 101 or 100.5 dollars as other exchangers would. Conversely, if you tell us to give you 100 dollars, that is exactly the amount that will be at your disposal in your online account.

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Cumulative Discount System

We have implemented a cumulative discounts system which stands out among other e-currency exchangers. You will even get a better rate on your each subsequent exchange!

You can get your personal 5%-discount code by simply registering on the website. Thereafter, the discount value will automatically increase for every amount exchanged by you or anyone else at PayExchanger using your discount code. You can view your current discount value in the Profile.

How to increase your discount

It is quite simple – we have progressive discount system

Exchange Volume (USD) Total Discount Your Profit
{{setting.VolumeFrom}} to {{setting.VolumeTo}} {{setting.Discount | formatNumber:2:' ':'.'}}% {{setting.PartnerProfit | formatNumber:2:' ':'.'}}%

All discounts are calculated automatically and are already factored in the exchange rates you see on the main page in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

Want more benefits? No problem! Letting other people use your discount code will automatically enroll you in our partnership (affiliate) program thus enabling you to receive a share of our profits as a partner! As soon as your share will reach certain amount you will be able to withdraw it with one of the supported payments systems. You decide how much you earn and how much interest your customers receive. You can configure all of this in your Profile.

Any Internet user can participate in our Affiliate Program. You just need to fill a very simple account registration form. To open an account simply enter your name, Email and password. You can also specify your e-wallet(s), which will be used to withdraw earned money. These details can be set/updated at any time.

You can find your personal referral-link, discount coupon inside your Profile.

Below we will show you several possible ways of how you can earn money using our parther program:

1. Publishing referral link

Earn money by placing affiliate links on the forums, blogs/YouTube and directories. You can also give it to your friends and collegues - you will earn money and grow your discount together!

A visitor who came to PayExchanger website using your link will be marked with Cookie (label) for 1 year. Thus if he returns to PayExchanger later in the future and during that year and performs an exchange - you will get a partnership reward. If a visitor creates a personal account on our website he automatically becomes your constant referral and you will be getting constant profits from all the subsequent exchanges he performs. This "tagging system" significantly distinguishes our referral program among the competitors, who usually set a Cookie only for a single session (until visitor closes a browser window) or just one month - which is also not good enough.

You can always view/modify your referral URL in the Profile, for instance to include your unique name.

2. Publishing discount coupon code

Publishing discount code is almost the same as placing a referral link, except that the code should be entered manually by user.

After entering a valid discount coupone in a box in the upper right-hand corner of the PayExchanger screen – corresponding discount will be applied to any subsecuent exchange operation.

Just imagine, once you publish this code in a well-visited forum or blog, how fast your discount can grow! You can pass this code to unlimited number of people, thus helping us attract new clients but also giving yourself and your friends the opportunity to exchange e-currencies at incredibly good rates, at a discount of up to 30%!

You can also profit from selling your discount code online via any online shop. You will be able to sell it as many times as you like without losing the right to use your discount and your code!

Advertising/Promo Materials

For the advertising company of our site we will provide you with all necessary promotional materials. You can use the PayExchanger trademark to advertise our site on any Internet resources (except illegal of course). We can also provide you with the advertising texts that can be posted on the forums, message boards, etc. Our banners of various sizes and languages can be found in your Profile.

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Add a fully-featured exchanger to your website or blog to make it more resourceful and earn additional cash! No special programming skills or hosting conditions are required. The form will take only tiny bit of space, users will be redirected directly to the page of the specified exchange direction. Exchange works with your referral link thus you are getting reward for every exchange.

Integrated exchanger example:

To add your own exchanger just copy-paste the following code to any page of your website (please do not forget to replace "?ref=test" with your referral code):
(exchanger window require 820px in width and 350px in height)

It is strictly forbidden to use mass Emailing (SPAM) to advertise our service. If we receive that kind of complaints - your accounts will be removed without the possibility of payout.

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