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About PayExchanger

In present era of electronic commerce, physical money is no longer such a popular trade tool. Nowadays, traditional money is being replaced by their electronic equivalents. PayExchanger provides easy, safe and convenient way of dealing with various currencies online. Superior advantages of the system significantly distinguishes it from competitors. We are not bank and do not provide any kind of Finicial services, we just provide technology which work as an aggrigator between payment systems.

PayExchanger - ensures safety

In the matter of finance, security is our main concern. That's why PayExchanger is using latest information security technologies. All transactions are processed through a secure SSL protocol with 256 bit data encryption verified by COMODO CA Limited (global certificate authority) which is confirming website's identity.

PayExchanger - convenience for everyone

Not every one of us feels confident in the online environment. Most of the people are looking for an easy way to use electronic money exchange service. PayExchanger system fully meets these requirements and allows to quickly navigate through the website and perform necessary exchange operations.

PayExchanger - flexible approach

Taking into consideration various e-currencies preferences, PayExchanger implemented not only multi-currency exchanges but also the ability to quickly load supported e-Wallets as well as bank wire transfer withdrawals. With all the variety of supported electronic currencies and exchange directions our Company is happy to consider any possible offers from our clients.

PayExchanger exchange system - your reliable partner in handling electronic finances.

At the present time PayExchanger is official exchange partner with different payment methods.:

We help Freelancers, Online Shoppers, Individual users, Web Developers and Small Business for online payments. We do not offer any kind of our own payments solution but we consult you to chose best solution according to your business. We can help you to convert E-Money Credits or Vouchers between different legal entities.

Payment Details

For information only. The system does not handle "direct payments" in e-currencies