KYC and Privacy Policy

KYC (Known Your Customer) Policy

Purposes of the user identification and verification is to prevent Pay Exchanger from being used in criminal activity (auction fraud, identity theft, etc.)

Pay Exchanger collects certain user identification information from each user who opens or maintains an account on our website. User may be asked to provide verification documents to Pay Exchange if required to complete your order or to get your account verified. The user understands that the name, address, phone number and any other personal identification information including documents (such as passport, national ID, phone bills, electricity bills or other utility bills) must be true and correct details, belonging to the user.

User will be asked to provide scanned copy of valid photo ID (passport or government ID) and scanned copy of recent utility bill showing current address of residence. Verification process is one time process. Once user gets verified status, client is not required to sends verification documents again.

Privacy Policy

We collect your personal information to help you to use our service more conveniently and more satisfactorily as well as to help us provide you efficient service. The information we collect includes your name, telephone number, address etc. You have the right to decide not to accept any information from us at any time.

Privacy Security

All information collected from this site will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold, rented, loaned or otherwise disclosed, except when we are required to provide information to comply with a specific legal process or law. We will adopt proper step to protect your privacy.

Our privacy policy applies to legitimate users only. Any user attempting to defraud us or anybody else will therefore not be considered as a legitimate user, and our Privacy policy does not apply to such individuals.

Privacy Principles

When we needs to identify your identity or contact with you, we will straightforwardly inquire necessary information, which is your personal information. Generally speaking, when you register on our site and ask us to provide transaction service, this information will be inquired.

Pay Exchanger will use some effective methods to confirm the validity and effectiveness of your personal information.


Cookies are a technology sending from a network server to your browser and stored in computer hard disk. When you visit our website in future, the cookies will record your activity, personal profile, browse habits, consuming habits even credit record. Using cookies will help us know which website is popular, so that you can get better service in your future browsing of our site. Meanwhile please set your heart at rest that we will not follow your personal information.

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