JazzCash (MobiCash) Fee from Mobile Account to CNIC

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JazzCash (MobiCash) Fee from Mobile Account to CNIC

Category : e-Currency Exchange

Dear users if you withdraw money from any E-money account via EasyPasa/Omni Option and we send money from Mobicash Account to your CNIC than it will cost you fee as listed below.

Keep in mind this fee will be deducted from your Payable amount, its not already included in calculations.

Jazz Cash Mobile Account to CNIC
Transaction Amount (PKR) Total Fee (PKR)
1 – 1,000 46.00
1,001 – 2,500 93.00
2,501 – 4,000 139.00
4,001 – 6,000 186.00
6,001 – 8,000 232.00
8,001 – 10,000 278.00
10,001 – 13,000 325.00
13,001 – 15,000 360.00

If we send money from EasyPasa mobile account than it will cost you fee as per easypasa charges.

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What is Webmoney and How Does It Work

Category : e-Currency Exchange

Making online payments is quite normal activity for every internet user these days. Even after in existence since 1998, Webmoney (or Webmoney transfer) is still an alien payment processor for many. So we thought to give our readers a simple and concise overview of this reliable and one of the most widely used payment processors.

What is Webmoney?

Webmoney is a payment processor that is active since 1998 having it’s headquarter in Moscow, Russia. It acts like an online bank for people to settle their payments easily online.

Like PayPal, Webmoney is another reliable payment processor people use for various purposes. I mean, you may send money, receive funds, make purchases and do many other things that involve electronic money or otherwise.

In business world, people need to make various transactions over time. Since it is a digital age, there’s a huge number of businesses that are online. Webmoney plays its role in performing these business transactions effectively for these businesses or individuals.

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How Does it Work?

The mechanism of Webmoney is simple and not any rocket science so sit back and relax. It offers different service to cater different needs of each user. I mean, there are different purses that one may use. These purses are standardised for each currency as per user’s need.

You simply register an account at www.wmtransfer.com and then create the relevant purse to make transactions in your desired currency. For USD you may create WMZ purse, WME for Euro, WMB for Belarusian Ruble and WMG for gold stocks. (don’t worry, purses are covered underneath separately)

You get a unique WMID that you may give to anyone for transaction purposes. In the same way, you need this unique WMID to send funds in another WM account.

You may simply get your money through wire transfer. But the only downside here is that WM doesn’t support bank wire option for some countries. but no worries, as you may exchange your WMZ currency with a reliable exchanger like PayExchanger.

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What Are Purses?

To help users make different operations and cater their online needs, Webmoney has standardised purses for each currency or monetary instruments.

One can choose from 8 different purses to create from inside the WM account. If you want to deal in USD then you may use Z-Purse or WMZ, WME for Euros and WMB for Belarusian Ruble.

You may create any other purse type based on your needs for online transactions. 

Is Webmoney Safe?

This question is very important before you go for any payment processor. You’re putting your money that means you’re taking risk so your question is valid. And to answer your concern, let’s look at it in another way.

This payment processor is not handled by a single body like other payment processors are. I mean, for each purse, there’s a separate company working for it called ‘Guarantor’. You may get their addresses on WM’s website.

Secondly, they have different levels to secure your account and funds you have in it. The first and very useful level is SMS verification. That means you’re safe as long as you have your mobile number with you which is on their file.

And, for instance, if you face any unfavorable situation then you still get back your account by the verification question that only you know. This makes WM a safe processor to rely on for online payment processing.

(NOTE: It is still better to take safety measurements at your end.)

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How to Check Current Rates

Category : e-Currency Exchange


There are 3 different type of services we offer on Pay Exchanger and rates for all services given on website which are final. Although sometime rates are negotiable when you Buy, Sell or Exchange $1000+ amounts. Let me explain how to check current rates for all 3 type of services.

1- E-Money Exchange

This system deal in exchange between electronic currencies only, like if you want to exchange from one electronic payment system to other. Example, WebMoney to PayPal, Perfect Money to Skrill, Bitcoin to WebMoney etc.

So check fee/rate for this category just click on “Exchange” from menu, enter amount and select direction, like for WebMoney to PayPal screen shot given below

calculate exchange fee


2- Buy or Deposit E-currency

If you want to buy some e-currency or if you want to deposit funds to any e-payment system like Payza, Skrill, WebMoney, Bitcoin etc. This option is for you, so again calculation is very easy just click on “Buy” enter amount which like to buy or deposit, select option how you will pay us like Bank Transfer or any other possible method. Now system will calculate rate. See screen shot, suppose if you want to buy Perfect Money by Bank transfer.

rates of deposit


3- Sell or Withdraw E-Currency

If you money in Skrill, WebMoney, Perfect Money, bitcoin etc. and want to sell or withdraw to your local bank, this option is for you. So to know rates, simply click on “Sell” and enter amount which you want to sell and select how would like to get paid. System will do the calculations for you. See screen shot, suppose if you want to send skrill and need money in bank.

Sell rates for e-currency in Pakistan

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Visionexchanger.com is Fake and Scam Website


Its come to our attention that some fake website visionexchanger.com is using illegally clone of our website design, we are already in contact with Google to get De-indexed from search results and hosting company to take their website down. Although we would like to inform you that we have no relation with this scam and fraud website known as visionexchanger.com.

Visionexchanger.com is scam and Fraud – We have no relation with this illegal website

If you know any other website like this, please report us and save innocent users from getting scam.

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